"I wanted to take a moment to let you know how stellar I think you are.

All the after hours whackiness, crazy customers and situations, and always, ALWAYS, the job gets done. I know I can count on you folks to track down me, the docs, the answers, the clients, etc.   Any situations that have arisen are resolved.

I appreciate your diligence, work ethic and sense of ownership on each and every file. I could not imagine doing my job without you.

Please know that you are appreciated and referred, often, when I’m asked who I use for signings.

Thank you so much for being there for me!"

Gratefully Yours,
Laurie from First American

"I have been working with BASU for over 13 years. BASU has always been thorough and efficient. My clients who they’ve signed are always pleased with their Notary’s knowledge and professionalism./ I truly appreciate teaming with a company that understands and appreciates the escrow and lending time frames. I could not ask for a better partner in this industry."

Debbie from First American

"I really like working with these guys, last night their Notary helped save a closing completely. She noticed a reference to a pre-payment addendum but there wasn't one in the package so she called BASU, they reached out to me, I got hold of the mortgage broker and sure enough, the lender had completely missed an addendum and a rider. I emailed to her at the signing, she helped my client print them- and she still somehow found a Fedex to get the docs out after 7pm!

They often remind me why I'm glad to work with them, thanks Eric."

Chad from First American

“I really love their sense of urgency, they take nothing for granted.”

LaShunda from Old Republic

“They seem to have a Notary even in cities I’ve never heard of!”

James from Placer Title

“Boy do they take the ‘Signing Partner’ thing seriously! I’ve never worked with a Notary service that was so ‘hands-on’. They get to know exactly how I like to handle things and do it my way. My office mate operates differently than I do but they adjust and make us both happy. I love the attention to detail.”

JB from Fidelity

“Lol… thanks! You guys are great to work with! I think you are always there when I need you, do you work 24 hours a day????”

Denise from pacific Escrow

“Eric, by FAR the best situation under horrible circumstances. You and your staff showed true teamwork in every way. The escrow would NOT have even been able to close without your assistance! Thank you!!"

FATCO Sonora

“I wanted to take a few minutes today to tell you how much I appreciated how your staff handled Friday’s last-minute “emergency” signings.

I received a double set of documents for 5 buyers; three in Marin and 2 in San Mateo. Everyone had to sign that day (of course) and none of them could come to my office in San Francisco.

I called BASU and within 10 minutes Pete in your office had a Notary set for Marin. That same Notary then took the docs to San Mateo. At 8am this morning the Notary handed me the completed docs. If that’s not “curb service” I don’t know what is!

Your staff went above and beyond, making ME a star in the realtor’s eyes.

Thank you again for reminding me why I love working with you."

Betty from Fidelity

“Today’s typical drama with the “Gillen” signing are a perfect example of how seamless you make things happen when they need to happen. I am your faithful Escrow Officer who will, without a doubt, continue to contract your services for every signing I cannot conduct myself.

Thank you so much!"

Jodi from First American

“Hi, Just wanted to send a quick email about how much I LOVE BASU and how the entire company should use only them- because honestly, they have the best service and Eric is the greatest and I could go on and on …..

So just a little testimonial if anyone asks you who the greatest mobile Notary company is ☺"

Holly from Cornerstone

“Just to let you know that your service is the most awesome. Don’t know (don’t WANT to know) what I’d do without you. Many thanks for picking up the slack for me yesterday! I truly appreciate your commitment!"

Stay well, Jim Nolan FNT

“I am writing to tell you of a great customer service tool available in your area that you may not be aware of.

Perhaps you are in need of a document signing service in your area. If so, then at least let me recommend Eric Stone of Bay Area Sign Ups to you. I found him to be reliable, knowledgeable and accommodating. If you would like to reach him his number is 415-479-2629.

You may want to pass the word and the enclosed flyer along to your staff.”

Jay, banch manager at Chase

“Dear Eric & Allison,

I would like to take this opportunity to personally thank you and your staff for planning the majority of our accommodation loan signings for this year. Often, on very short notice and at the end of the month when other “signing services” said they were too busy, you were not only able to locate a notary quickly but called the borrower to confirm/schedule the appointment. However, on the whole I usually know who will be doing my signing before I even get off the phone with you, which is incredible service. Your consistent follow-up and updates on files keep us and our lenders in the loop. I can’t express fully how much easier this makes our job.

With your statewide coverage of California, outstanding customer service, and expertise, you are and will be the first signing service we will call. Thank you again for all you do for us.

We wish you continued success!"

Christi, Fidelity Title

“I want to thank you and your staff for the handling of our Ward and Patricia Hayter loan documents. On very short notice at the end of the month (which is typically the busiest period in the mortgage industry), you were not only able to locate a notary quickly but called the homeowner to schedule an appointment. I, in fact, was recommend to you by the San Rafael office of Fidelity National Title because the signing service we usually use here in Southern California was dropping the ball. With your follow-up and constant updates on this file starting on a Sunday evening, your staff prevented what could have been a disaster. I have now discovered my new Southern California Notary team! With your customer service and expertise, you should expand your coverage nationally.

Let this letter serve as a testimonial that BASU will handle your courier and notary needs with one phone call. Thank you Scott, Allison and Eric."

Cordially, Arthur Credit Manager at Secured Funding

“I would like to share my experience with BASU. Please pass on to all the managers (statewide) what excellent service Eric at BASU has provided for us. Last Wednesday, we had forgotten to set up a signing for our borrowers in Hollywood. At 11 am our broker called to see if everything was all set up for noon. I freaked out but then called Eric and he speed dialed 3 different notaries at once – he had all of his staff calling notaries in LA and within 10 minutes he had someone heading to our signup. It was incredible for him to be able to set up something in LA within the hour. He saved me!!! He is an escrow godsend! I have worked with Eric for 8 years now – through the refinance craze – and through 4 different offices that I worked within North American Title. He has always come through for me but this was truly awesome. He truly saved me from client retribution.

Eric shared with me that he has 350 notaries statewide and has notaries in certain area of Nevada and Arizona available. He knows each and every one personally and feels he is an extension of our employees. I feel he has gone above and beyond. Please give him a try anytime at 415-479-2629."

Suzette, North American Title